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Post release


On the day of the final stable release, tag the branch with <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.0.

After the main Agent release manager confirms successful deployment to a few targets, create a branch based on master and run:

ddev agent changelog
ddev agent integrations

See more options for ddev agent changelog and ddev agent integrations.

Run the following commands to update the contents:

  1. ddev agent changelog -w -f to update the existing AGENT_CHANGELOG file
  2. ddev agent integrations -w -f to update the existing AGENT_INTEGRATIONS file.
  3. ddev agent integrations-changelog -w to add Agent version to existing releases of integrations.

Create a pull request and wait for approval before merging.



Only critical fixes are included in patches. See definition for critical fixes.

Releases after the final Agent release should be reserved for critical issues only. Cherry-picking commits and releases for the patch release is mostly similar to the process for preparing release candidates.

However, it's possible that from the time code freeze ended and a bugfix is needed, the integration has other non-critical commits or was released.

Given the effort of QA-ing the Agent release, any new changes should be carefully selected and included for the patch.

The next section will describe the process for preparing the patch release candidates.

Multiple check releases between bugfix release

There are two main cases where the release manager will have to release integrations off of the release branch: the freeze has lifted and changes to an integration have been merged after freeze and before a bugfix for an RC, or a patch release is required. To release an integration off of the release branch, perform the following steps:

  1. Cherry-pick the bugfix commit to the release branch.

  2. Prepare the release of the integration.

    • Create a branch based off of the release branch.
    • Run the integration release command on that branch.
    • Make a pull request with that branch, then merge it to the release branch.
    • Note: if there are multiple integrations to release, do not use ddev release make all --exclude <INTGS>. Once master is unfrozen, releasing all may result in unwanted and unshipped changes to the release branch if new changes are introduced. Use ddev release make check1 check2 instead if releasing check1 and check2.
  3. Releases from the master branch automatically trigger the release pipeline when the PRs are merged in. If you're releasing from a release branch however, you have to manually trigger the release pipeline by tagging the release:

        `ddev release tag <INTEGRATION>`
  4. Pull the latest release branch so your branch has the bugfix commit and release commit.

  5. Tag the branch with the new bumped version <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<PATCH>-rc.1.

  6. After the release has been made, make a PR to master with the updates to, agent release requirements, and of the integrations that were released on the release branch. Do not include the change to the in-toto file. If the current version of is higher on master than in the release branch, only update the in this PR.


    Do not merge this PR unless the release tag from the previous PR has been pushed or the release pipeline will incorrectly attempt to release from master.

  7. Finally, if a patch release was performed, follow the same steps to finalize the release.

Last update: April 28, 2022