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Post release


On the day of the final stable release, tag the branch with <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.0.

After the main Agent release manager confirms successful deployment to a few targets, create a branch based on master and run:

ddev agent changelog
ddev agent integrations

See more options for ddev agent changelog and ddev agent integrations.

Run the following commands to update the contents:

  1. ddev agent changelog -w -f to update the existing AGENT_CHANGELOG file
  2. ddev agent integrations -w -f to update the existing AGENT_INTEGRATIONS file.
  3. ddev agent integrations-changelog -w to add Agent version to existing releases of integrations.

Create a pull request and wait for approval before merging.



Only critical fixes are included in patches. See definition for critical fixes.

Releases after the final Agent release should be reserved for critical issues only. Cherry-picking commits and releases for the patch release is mostly similar to the process for preparing release candidates.

However, it's possible that from the time code freeze ended and a bugfix is needed, the integration has other non-critical commits or was released.

The next section will describe the process for preparing the patch release candidates.

Multiple check releases between bugfix release

Given the effort of QA-ing the Agent release, any new changes should be carefully selected and included for the patch.

Follow the following steps to add patch release:

  1. Cherry-pick the bugfix commit to the release branch.
  2. Release the integration on the release branch.


    Remember to trigger the release pipeline and build the wheel. You can do so by tagging the release:

    `ddev release tag <INTEGRATION>`

    Note: only release PRs merged to master automatically build a wheel.

  3. Then pull the latest release branch so your branch has both the bugfix commit and release commit.

  4. Tag the branch with the new bumped version <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<PATCH>-rc.1.

  5. When the patch release is ready, follow the same steps to finalize the release. Also manually update the changelog of the integrations that were released on the release branch, see example.

Last update: March 3, 2021