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Simulation Data Format Reference


File contents

Each line in a .snmprec file corresponds to a value for an OID.

Lines must be formatted as follows:


For the list of supported types, see the snmpsim simulation data file format documentation.


Due to a limitation of snmpsim, contents of .snmprec files must be sorted in lexicographic order.

Use $ sort -V /path/to/profile.snmprec to sort lines from the terminal.


For symbol metrics, add a single line corresponding to the symbol OID. For example:|2|1051200



Adding simulation data for tables can be particularly tedious. This section documents the manual process, but automatic generation is possible — see How to generate table simulation data.

For table metrics, add one copy of the metric per row, appending the index to the OID.

For example, to simulate 3 rows in the table that has OIDs and, you could write:|2|1051200|2|1446|2|23|2|165|2|976|2|0


If the table uses table metric tags, you may need to add additional OID simulation data for those tags.

Last update: November 5, 2020