Summit Training is split up into two main segments. Datadog 101 will cover the basics of monitoring, dashboards, math, and alerts. Monitoring Docker will cover several different ways to monitor Docker containers and Kubernetes including Auto Discovery.

Datadog 101

Monitoring 101

What metrics do I need to monitor
Presentation | Notes | Hands On Instructions

Building Great Dashboards

Start building the dashboards that will help you discover the issues of your environment
Presentation | Notes | Hands On Instructions

Monitoring Math

Learn about the functions that will provide additional value to your graphs
Presentation | Notes

Creating the Right Alerts

Get notified for the right things and sleep peacefully through everything else
Presentation | Notes

Monitoring Docker

Learn how to monitor your Docker and Kubernetes containers using AutoDiscovery.
This session assumes existing knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
Presentation | Notes | Hands On Instructions